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Helping you learn and improve

We have training courses for people with no experience, some experience, and for active riders too. Levels range from beginner and endorsement to comprehensive street riding skills. Our Motorcycle Care & Maintenance Courses are designed for all riders.

Go beyond good enough

Our Advanced Street Skills is designed for street riders, mimicks street riding conditions, at the comfort of your own pace, with the help of our instructors and coaches.

Advanced Street Skills - Where to Begin

Advanced Street Skills - Full Program

Driver License Testing

Motorcycle Endorsement Testing

Driving School For Teens

Adventure riding programs

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The PSS Training Experience

Puget Sound Safety is personally dedicated in going beyond your expectations in all of our training programs to make them the perfect experience for you.

Our purpose as a school is to provide motorcyclists with a way to gain the knowledge and training to become a safe, skilled rider. Being a responsible rider and staying safe begins with getting your endorsement and continues with expanding your skills beyond the basics. Our Motorcycle Care & Maintenance courses give you imperative information about your bike which will help identify disrepair and avoid costly breakdowns or accidents. Advancing your skills by taking one of our Experienced Rider Course, Advanced Street Skills, or Total Control Training is the best way to stay proficient and keep avoid crashes.

Our instructors are here for you when you make the choice to keep learning new skills.