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Introduction to the Basic Rider Course

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  • Ever wondered if motorcycling was right for you?
  • Have you been the passenger and are considering becoming the rider?
  • Are you nervous about taking a riding safety course and being the only one without any motorcycle experience?
  • Have you questioned if your age, size, strength, weight, etc. may be a challenge as you learn how to operate a motorcycle?
  • Concerned about committing yourself to a rider safety course to learn to how operate a motorcycle in a fast paced course?


The Introduction to the BRC is the class for you!

Our introduction course is for true beginning riders who want to learn basic riding skills but have not had the chance to experience motorcycle controls or maneuvering skills.

Why would I consider taking the Introduction to the BRC?

Students consider taking this course, prior to participating in a Basic Rider Course, to have a more successful and positive rider training experience. Our course offers a very low-stress, encouraging, hands-on environment as we introduce you to basic riding components.

This training course is provided as a recommended option before taking the Basic Rider Course so that you can gain a head start on the controls, basic skills and have increased confidence.

What is involved in this course?

The Introduction to the BRC is a four-hour introductory course for beginning riders to offer a comfortable introduction and familiarity of motorcycle controls and basic operation: Control familiarization, Friction Zone use, Starting/Stopping, and Shifting.

How does the schedule work?

The Introduction to the BRC starts in a classroom setting for about an hour. We discuss basic motorcycle concepts, controls, and basic operation. After covering Range Rules and hand signals, we move to the bikes on the range for about 3 hours of on-bike experience and training. As our instructors get to know the students, concerns, and expectations, they cater coaching and support to best help the student.

What will I learn?

The course is designed to help build confidence, introduce basic skills, and offer hands-on practice. Our classroom and on-bike exercises offer practice and experience with:

  • Familiarization of bike sizes and styles.
  • Introduction and operation of motorcycle controls.
  • Starting and stopping a motorcycle.
  • Clutch and throttle coordination.
  • Straight line riding -at low speeds.
  • Introduction and operation of shifting gears.

How do I sign up?

  1. Check the schedule for open availability. Click here to view the Schedule.
  2. Once you find a training date you are interested in you may register:
    • Online (click the Register Now button next to your training date)
    • Call our office (253) 770-8888 (Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm)
    • In person at our office (address is at the bottom of the page, or call for directions)
  3. To secure your spot you may use your Visa or Mastercard online, over the phone, or in person at our office.
  4. After payment is made for your spot we will send you a Confirmation Letter containing dates, times, maps, directions, what to bring, what to expect, and more.

Will I get my endorsement?

The Introduction to the BRC is an introductory session and not a full length training course. Testing is NOT part of this course.

As part of a smaller class, you are offered more attention and focus than a typical safety course:

  • A low student-to-instructor class size allows for more individualized attention.
  • Instructors are trained and experienced in working with beginning riders in a student-centered, developmental environment.

How structured is this course?

  • Exercises are voluntary. Students may opt to participate in any/all. Students may stop riding without penalty or concern. (However, students must meet exercise objectives before proceeding to the next exercise.)
  • There is flexibility in our course that allows instructors to help students who may need more practice, additional riding time, and/or remedial coaching.

What kind of gear is required?

  • A parental permission form if under the age of 18 prior to riding.
  • US DOT compliant helmet (small supply is available)
  • Eye protection (glasses, goggles or face shield)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  • Long pants
  • Sturdy over-the-ankle footwear
  • Gloves that are full-fingered, leather palmed, or motorcycle specific.
  • Preparation for the weather during your course. (rain gear, sunglasses, snacks & drinks, etc.)

Where can I buy the riding gear that I need?

We recommend that you check out our list of supporting dealerships found on our links page. Each one carries a full line of protective gear and has knowledgeable staff that would be very happy to help you start your riding experience in the right direction.

Will I get a lunch break?

Throughout the course you will be given short breaks. Typical 4-hour course schedules do not offer an extended lunch break. Please make sure to bring plenty of fluids and snacks with you.

Learning to ride a motorcycle safely demands an alert mind. We encourage you to eat prior to your course. We would also recommend a good night’s rest before your course date.

Do I need my own motorcycle?

The Introduction to the BRC does not require you to bring your own motorcycle. We provide training motorcycles (many loaned to us at no expense by the local dealers - please check out our supporting dealerships) for your use.

What type of motorcycles will I be riding in the Introduction to the BRC?

The types of motorcycles will vary over time. However, here is a list of common bikes used at our locations:

  • 250cc Honda Rebel (cruiser)
  • 250cc Kawasaki Ninja (sport)
  • 250cc Suzuki GZ250 (cruiser)
  • 225cc Yamaha XT225 (dual-sport)
  • 200cc Suzuki DR200 (dual-sport)
  • 200cc Yamaha TW200 (dual-sport)
  • 125cc Kawasaki Eliminator (cruiser)
  • 125cc Honda CB125 (standard)
  • Scooters available by request

What do I do after this training session?

This Introduction to the BRC is an option available for students prior to completing a Basic Training Course. The purpose here is to get you familiar with motorcycle controls and basic operation and allow you to be ahead of the rest in the next level. After this training your next step is to take the Basic Training Course, but now with a head start on the controls, basic skills and increased confidence.

Schedule List

Below is a short list of upcoming schedules.

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2020 Courses

  Location Price Day Date Time Notes Code
Olympia $95.00 Sun Oct 25 1-5 I-1025-OL
Olympia $95.00 Sat Nov 7 9-1 I-1107-OL
Tacoma North $95.00 Sun Nov 22 12-4 I-1122-TN
Tacoma North $95.00 Sun Dec 13 11:30-3:30 I-1213-TN