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Motorcycle Care & Maintenance

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A Puget Sound Safety Exclusive!

Being able to properly maintain and care for your motorcycle is more than just about saving money or the joy of spending time with your bike, it is also about safety.  Our care and maintenance courses are essential to staying safe on the road by avoiding mechanical failures that could result a crash.  Stay safe and don't let a roadside breakdown ruin your next ride.  For less than the cost of a single tune-up we can teach you what EVERY rider should know about their motorcycle.

Level I    "Care and Maintenance Essentials"

Priced at only 1 1/2 hours of shop time this one day course includes expert instruction and classroom labs using a training motorcycle and discovery labs with personal motorcycles.  Personal motorcycles are not required but encouraged for comparative reference.  We will not be disassembling personal bikes.  The course is for beginners and experienced riders (no mechanical experience necessary). 

This level is designed to give basic knowledge and skills such as:

  • Motorcycle terminology and anatomy (the parts & pieces that make up your motorcycle)
  • Making your  motorcycle fit you (adjustments for rider control, comfort & fit)
  • Essential maintenance such as oil changes, control cable inspections, chain maintenance, free-play adjustments, batteries, fluids, brakes, light bulbs and much more
  • Suspension basics
  • How to inspect and clean your motorcycle as a maintenance practice
  • Preparing your bike for winter or long term storage

The level I course you will learn how to do essential service and inspections in your driveway or garage using common tools.  You will be able to identify the most needed repairs & perform detailed pre-ride inspections that can help avoid a dangerous accident or costly breakdown caused by disrepair.  Keep your bike in top running condition or ensure that service performed by others is done correctly.  As a bonus you will learn how to properly prepare your bike for winter/long term storage.


Level II    "How It All Works"

The level II course is a one day course for riders wanting to go the next step.  Going beyond inspections and basic maintenance this course dives into the mechanics of what makes your motorcycle work.  It explains how the systems interact and lets you get inside the things you can't see such as the pistons, clutch assemblies, suspension, brake calipers and more.  Level I is highly recommended even for those with some mechanical experience.  With the course tuition at only 2 hours of shop time you will save money the first time you pick up a wrench.  

These are some of the topics Level II covers:

  • What makes our bike go (air filters, fuel system care, electrical systems, spark plugs)
  • What keeps it running (lubrication explained, cable lubrication, oil and oil filter changes)
  • What stops us (brakes explained, changing brakes)
  • What drives our bikes (clutch, drive systems, chain & sprocket replacement)
  • The parts to keep things rolling (wheel alignments, steering and suspension, suspension problems)
  • Valve maintenance (4-stroke engines, what are valves, why they need adjustments, how to use a feeler gauge, what do we adjust)

Level II explores how all of the parts work together to form complete systems. By learning how things are put together and interact you will be better able to identify and repair problems before they leave you stranded. Level I is the "do it" class level II is the "how does it all work" class.  Don't even think about starting that complex job on your motorcycle without taking this course.

Level I is recommended before taking Level II.

How much does it cost?

The Level I course costs $187 and includes a copy of the book Motorcycle Owners Manual by Hugo Wilson. The Level II course costs $250 and is a couple hours longer than Level I.

Courses scheduled at non-PSS locations may have an increased cost to compensate for instructor travel time and setup.

How do I sign up?

  1. Check the schedule for open availability. Click here to view the Schedule.
  2. Once you find a training date you are interested in you may register:
    • Online (click the Register Now button next to your training date)
    • Call our office (253) 770-8888 (Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm)
    • In person at our office (address is at the bottom of the page, or call for directions)
  3. To secure your spot you may use your Visa or Mastercard online, over the phone, or in person at our office.
  4. After payment is made for your spot we will send you a Confirmation Letter containing dates, times, maps, directions, what to bring, what to expect, and more.

Do I need my own motorcycle?

You are not required to have your own motorcycle with you at the class but it is highly recommended. The instructors will be able to tailor the content of the course to fit your make/model of motorcycle.

Where do you offer the courses?

  • Olympia - At our Olympia classroom.
  • Tacoma - At our Tacoma Mall classroom.
  • Puyallup - At our office in our classroom.
  • Other - Dealers will occasionally host classes.

We accommodate clubs, groups and even custom classes!

If you have a group of people (i.e. a club) we can take the course to you. Call our office for information about a custom course date and location.

Schedule List

Below is a short list of upcoming schedules.


No courses are available right now. Please contact our office for scheduling options.