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Street Strategies: A Survival Guide for Motorcycles

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Riding bikes is easy. The hard part is avoiding an amazing array of hazards, from left-turning car drivers to loose planks at railroad crossings. This little book describes a variety of accidents that have occurred to motorcyclists who didn't spot certain "booby traps" or didn't know what to do to avoid them or get out of them. If you ride long enough and far enough you may eventually encounter all the hazards contained in this book. But unless you are prepared for the hazards in advance, you might just have to figure out what happened after you pick yourself up off the street.

Street Strategies is pocket-sized on purpose: we hope you will carry a copy with you as you ride and thumb through it whenever you have a spare moment. Remind yourself of the potential hazards, and file away the survival strategies in your brain to prepare yourself to avoid whatever obstacles you encounter on today's ride. Thousands of readers of Motorcycle Consumer News have already done that and have added their stories to the mix. This book is the collection of these lessons, not only for those who are just getting into motorcycling but also as a way for veteran riders to refresh their memories.

Paperback, 157 pages, Bowtie Press, ISBN 1-889540-69-2